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View power consumption on Brocade MLXe chassis

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View power consumption on Brocade MLXe chassis

Postby admin » Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:27 am

The following command will show you the number and size of your MLX's power supplies, total chassis power usage, line card/module power use and how much power is available.

Show Chassis

SSH@GoatRouter#show chassis
*** MLXe 16-slot Chassis ***

---POWERS ---
Power 1: ( 32006000ÿÿÿÿ 11098610478 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 2: ( 32006000ÿÿÿÿ 11098610494 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 3: ( 32006000ÿÿÿÿ 11148610214 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 4: ( 32006000ÿÿÿÿ 11218611947 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 5: ( 32015001 AA440950055 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 6: ( 32015001 AA021150013 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 7: ( 32015001 AA021150019 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Power 8: ( 32015001 AA301050004 - AC 1200W): Installed (OK)
Total power budget for chassis = 9600 W
Total power used by system core = 832 W
Total power used by LPs = 2198 W
Total power available = 6570 W
Slot Power-On Priority and Power Usage:
Slot1 pri=1 module type= <REMOVED> (D) Module power usage=246W
Slot8 pri=1 module type= <REMOVED> Module power usage=160W

--- FANS ---
Back Fan A-1: Status = OK, Speed = LOW (50%)
Back Fan A-2: Status = OK, Speed = LOW (50%)
Back Fan B-1: Status = OK, Speed = LOW (50%)
Back Fan B-2: Status = OK, Speed = LOW (50%)

Active Mgmt Module: 26.750C 40.625C
Standby Mgmt Module: 24.0C 38.500C
SNM1: FE1:47.0C FE2:48.0C FE3:46.0C
SNM2: FE1:40.875C FE2:40.250C FE3:38.625C
SNM3: FE1:47.875C FE2:48.0C FE3:44.750C
SNM4: FE1:40.875C FE2:40.750C FE3:38.750C
LP1 Sensor1: 33.875C
LP1 Sensor2: 42.750C
LP1 Sensor4: 43.125C
LP2 Sensor1: 29.125C
LP2 Sensor2: 32.500C
LP2 Sensor4: 30.125C
LP3 Sensor1: 30.625C
LP3 Sensor2: 34.125C
LP3 Sensor4: 32.0C
LP8 Sensor1: 35.500C
LP8 Sensor2: 29.875C
LP12 Sensor1: 32.500C
LP12 Sensor2: 31.875C
LP12 Sensor4: 30.500C
LP13 Sensor1: 47.0C
LP13 Sensor2: 46.875C
LP13 Sensor4: 45.0C
LP14 Sensor1: 34.500C
LP14 Sensor2: 32.250C
LP14 Sensor4: 31.500C
LP15 Sensor1: 48.500C
LP15 Sensor2: 48.250C
LP15 Sensor4: 47.0C
LP16 Sensor1: 35.0C
LP16 Sensor2: 32.875C
LP16 Sensor4: 32.500C
Fans are in auto mode (current speed is LOW (50%)). Temperature monitoring poll period is 60 seconds.

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