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How to view power supply status of F5 BigIP

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How to view power supply status of F5 BigIP

Postby admin » Mon Aug 04, 2014 2:33 pm

How do I check the power supply status on an F5 BigIP 1600 LTM chassis. You can also see the Fan status, Temperature status, CPU status, and serial number.

SSH to the device and login, I used my tacacs+ credentials. While in tmos issue the following command.

Code: Select all
show sys hardware

Chassis Fan Status
Index Status Fan Speed(rpm)
1 up 9926
2 up 10546
3 up 9926

Chassis Information
Maximum MAC Count 2
Registration Key -

Chassis Power Supply Status
Index Status
1 up
2 up

Chassis Temperature Status
Index Temp(degC) Location
1 25 Air Inlet

CPU Status
Index Temp(degC) Fan Speed(rpm)
1 33 9926

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