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Initial IP configuration on a Riverbed Steelhead

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Initial IP configuration on a Riverbed Steelhead

Postby admin » Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:33 pm

How to configure the initial IP configuration on a Riverbed Steelhead?

amnesiac > enable
amnesiac # configure terminal
amnesiac (config) # exit
amnesiac #
amnesiac #

amnesiac (config) # interface primary ip address <x.x.x.x> /XX --> Use the correct number of bits in the mask
amnesiac (config) # take effect until DHCP is disabled.
amnesiac (config) # no interface primary dhcp ---> Removes DHCP off of the interface
amnesiac (config) # ip default-gateway <x.x.x.x>

After you set the configuration on the Primary interface, you can connect tot he Primary port and use your web browswer to connect to it https://<x.x.x.x>

You can also use DHCP on the Primary port. Connect the Primary port to a network connection that will give it an IP address. Console into the Steelhead and issue the following command.

Code: Select all
show interface primary

You will see something similar to the following

amnesiac # show interface primary
Interface primary state
Up: yes
Interface type: ethernet
IP address:
Speed: 1000Mb/s (auto)
Duplex: full (auto)
MTU: 1500
HW address: 00:0E:B6:63:CC:AA
Link: yes

RX bytes: 378212
RX packets: 4024
RX mcast packets: 1694
RX discards: 0
RX errors: 0
RX overruns: 0
RX frame: 0

TX bytes: 11131
TX packets: 107
TX discards: 0
TX errors: 0

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